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Cognitive, Developmental and Social Psychology


 This area includes students pursuing degrees in cognitive, developmental, and social-personality psychology.  Students can integrate their disciplinary focus with a minor in health psychology

Unique Program Elements

  • Students are trained to take an interdisciplinary approach to research and tailor their coursework so that it corresponds to their personal research interests.  Thus, some students are trained primarily in one of these subdisciplines; whereas other students pursue an integration of one or more of these subdisciplines (e.g., social cognition, social development, cognitive development, personality development). 
  • In consultation with their primary advisor, students select two other faculty members to form a mentoring committee.  Students consult regularly with their mentors regarding selection of courses, development of research and training plans, and other professional issues.
  • Many CDS students minor in statistics and acquire valuable quantitative and methodological skills for use in research and teaching.  Training is provided in courses, small seminars, directed study projects, and involvement in ongoing faculty research.
  • Students can also minor in other areas of psychology (behavioral and cognitive neuroscience, health, or industrial and organizational psychology), other disciplines (e.g., linguistics, gerontology), or develop their own minor with approval from their mentoring committee. 
  • Wayne State's urban mission and location in a major metropolitan area provide many opportunities for students to be involved in research conducted throughout the University and the human service and health organizations in the region (e.g., Karmanos Cancer Institute, Children’s Center, Detroit Parent Network, Neighborhood Services Organization, Area Agency on Aging). 
  • After completing their doctoral training, CDS students have accepted positions at major universities and small colleges, as well as health and research institutes, family development centers, and government and public policy agencies. 


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