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Undergraduate Degrees

Bachelor of Arts Degree (B.A.)

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Political Science is an excellent program for students planning on entering law or graduate school and for those interested in a career in education, government or the Foreign Service. It also provides a fine liberal arts background for those entering business. Areas of concentration include: American Government and Politics, Comparative Politics, Political Philosophy and Ethics, Public Administration, Public Law/Legal Studies, Public Policy, Quantitative Political Analysis, Urban Politics and Policy, and World Politics.

Specific requirements for the degree may be found under here.

Bachelor of Public Affairs Degree (B.P.A.) 

The Bachelor of Public Affairs (B.P.A.) degree prepares students for careers in government, in the non-profit sector, for work on political campaigns, lobbying, and other areas of the social sciences and law, and for advanced study in public administration. Students can specialize in Governance: State and Local Government Relations, Lobbying and Electoral Politics, Public Management, Public Policy and Analysis or Urban Policy.

Specific requirements for the degree may be found here. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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