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Martha Ratliff
Martha Ratliff, Professor
10303.3, 5057 Woodward Avenue
Research Area
Historical linguistics, Southeast Asian linguistic
(313) 577-7646
(313) 577-8618

Areas of specialization

historical linguistics, phonology, tonology, Hmong-Mien, language contact and change in Southeast Asia


B.A., English, Carleton College
M.A.T., English, University of Chicago
Ph.D., Linguistics, University of Chicago

Representative Publications


Hmong-Mien Language History. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics, 2010.

Linguistic Fieldwork (edited with Paul Newman). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001.

Meaningful Tone: a Study of Tonal Morphology in Compounds, Form Classes, and Expressive Phrases in White Hmong. De Kalb, IL: Northern Illinois University Press, 2010 [1992].


"Prefix variation and reconstruction" in Variation and Reconstruction, ed. by T. Cravens, 165-178. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2006.

"Timing tonogenesis: evidence from borrowing" in Proceedings of the 28th Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society (2002), ed. by Patrick Chew, 29-41. Berkeley: Berkeley Linguistics Society, 2005.

"Hmong secret languages: themes and variations" in Language Variation: Papers on Variation and Change in the Sinosphere and in the Indosphere in honour of James A. Matisoff, ed. by D. Bradley, et al., 21-33. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics, 2003.

"Phonation types in the production of phonological tone: the case of Green Mong" (with Jean Andruski).  Journal of the International Phonetic Association 30:37-61, 2000.


Publications Available for Order

Hmong-Mien Language History

Linguistic Fieldwork

Meaningful Tone


5057 Woodward Suite 10303
Detroit, MI 48202
Phone: (313) 577-8642
Fax: (313) 577-8618
Website: http://clasweb.clas.wayne.edu/linguistics
Email: linguistics@wayne.edu