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Reading Groups

There are currently two funded Reading Groups which involve both Linguistics students and faculty: the Syntax/Semantics Reading Group, and the Language and Immigration Reading Group.

Prof. Felecia Lucht  is the coordinator of the Humanities Center Reading Group: “The Social and Structural Implications of Language and Immigration.” Last year the Group sponsored a lecture by Prof. Robin Queen of the University of Michigan.

The Syntax/Semantics Reading Group continues to hold meetings for both faculty and students to discuss recent publications in these linguistic fields. The Group has repeatedly been awarded grants from the Humanities Center, which made it possible this past year to bring to campus linguist David Gil of the Max Planck Institute, Leipzig, Germany. The Syntax/Semantics Reading Group has also invited Sarah Murray of Cornell University (M.A. WSU 2004) to give a guest lecture this coming September. The coordinator of the Group is Prof. Haiyong Liu.

To be added to the mailing list of either group so that you may receive the latest information about meeting times and topics, send an email request to the coordinator.

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