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Completed MA essays

Linguistics M.A. Essays by Year


Albinali, Abdullelah

The Morphological Integration of English Loanwords into Saudi Dialects

Alghamdi, Sami

Unusual Assimilatory Processes among some Saudi Dialects

Asiri, Ibrahim

A-Movement and Case Assignment in Modern Standard Arabic: A Minimalist Perspective

Machak, Veronica J.

Effects of Typing Awareness Cues on Turn-Taking in Google Chat: Two Methods of Analysis

Saltzman, Moira

Language Contact and Morphological Change in Jejueo

Shell, Scott T.

Dual Gender Nouns in German and Syntactic Theory

Yu, Jinhan

Sentence Final Particles in Mandarin Chinese



Ababtain, Hind

Saudi Arabic Diglossia in Twitter: Education and Gender Effects

Johnson, Frankie

Code-Switching in Japanese Mainstream Music

Laskowski, Kathleen

Reformulation in Motivational Interviewing

Savino, Catherine

Processability Theory and L2 Production of the Clitic Form ‘ve 



Alahmary, Ahmed

Arabic Synonymy on the Scale of Synonymy

Alammar, Ammar

Word Order and Subject-Verb Agreement in Najdi Arabic with Comparison to Modern Standard Arabic

Berardo, William J.

Modern Development of an Endangered Romance Dialect Cirisoles: A Case Study

Calkins, Jean

White Metro Detroit Teachers’ Beliefs Regarding African American Vernacular English

Ferzouz, Hayat

The Syntax of WH-Movement in Moroccan Arabic and Egyptian Arabic

Petukhova, Valeria

A Not Uncommon Combination of Two Negative Prefixes in Russian

Plesco, Craig A.

Determination of Usefulness Ratings of Consumer Product Reviews

Richardson, Caitlin

The Linguistic Landscape of Mexicantown



Brugnone, Nikki Ann

The Sorites Paradox: Accepting the Unacceptable

Gale, Margaret

Innovations and the Uses of the Suffix ish in American English



Moruss, Daira Ruta

Isolating the Agent: An Examination of Agentive Compounds in Latvian

Smith, Susan

The Ordering of Verbal Extensions in Fulfulde



Alfaifi, Abdullah

The Arabic of Jabal Faifa

Lappalainen, Marjatta

The Elative and the Partitive in Finnish: Linguistic Change or Phonetically-Based Variation? An Examination of Phonemically Identical Case Suffixes

McLear, Stephanie

Double Genitives and the Null Pronominal



Alford, Ashantie L.

The Subconscious Spoken Vernacular of Conscious Prescriptivists: The Use of African American Vernacular English in Classroom Settings

Almasnaah, Khalid

Movement of the Verb and the Subject in the Arabic VSO and SVO Word Order Derivations

Jeong, Kyunghee

Multiple Nominative Constructions in Korean

Meloche, Erinn

The Border Line in the Spread of Sound Change: A Study of the Northern Cities Shift in Canada

Taylor, Michelle D.

Finding ‘White Voice’: Linguistic Elasticity in Black Comedic Performance



Manion, Vanessa

Syntactic and Discourse Features of Subjects and Objects in First Language Acquisition; Evidence from Spanish and English Monolingual and Spanish-English Bilingual Data

Murray, Kristine

The Process of Acquiring Case in the Pronouns ‘I’, ‘Me’, ‘He’, and ‘Him’

Rider, James

The Public Speech of Hugo Chávez: A Conceptual Blending Theory Analysis

Willson, Nikolas Dane

Chatter to Music: Timing Beats in Casual Speech



Berez, Andrea

Spatial Differentiation as Middle Voice Motivation in Dena’ina Athabaskan Iterative Verbs

Klopfenstein, Marie

Phonetic Implementation of Phonological Categories: The Case of Contextual and Contrastive Vowel Nasalization in Ottawa

Payne, Laura

From Bookworms to Trust Slugs: The Patterns and Productivity of “Animal for X” Metaphoric Compounds



Fox, Naomi

Ongoing Change in the Prefix System of Ottawa: A Case Study of Walpole Island

Kuznia, Kevin

Language Accommodation Toward a Shared Group Identity: Case Study of a Mixed-Race Interaction



Ash, Leslie Frieden

“Wigga with a Black Accent”: Eminem and Black Vernacular English

Gedeon, Olexandra

The Puzzle of Ukrainian Third Person Possessive Pronouns: A Syntactic Analysis

Huellmantel, Jody

Metaphorical Interpretation

Milligan, Karen

Expressing Joint Possession or Why Me and Mary’s Paper Wasn’t Accepted (But Bob and I’s Was)

Murray, Sarah

'Truckdriver' and 'Scarecrow' Compounds: A Unified Approach

Soulaimani, Dris

Noun Structure in Tashelhit Berber



Costello, James

Modeling Pitch Contours with Polynomial Equations for Discrimination of Tones in Green Mong

Katz-Gershon, Shiri

Causative Acquisition in Hebrew



King-Polsinelli, Melissa J.

Plural Acquisition, Storage, and Retrieval in German

Minart, Corinne

Topics in Children’s Conversations

Wolff, Thomas J.

An Analysis of Reversative un-



Cao, Yuan

Acquisition of Agreement and Plural Features in English by Native Mandarin Speakers

Diergardt, Nicola

The Acquisition of French Adjectives: A Problem for English-Speaking Students?

Hobbs, Pamela

Liberté, Egalité, *Sororité: The Controversy Surrounding the Feminization of Occupational Titles in France



Sunami, Yoichi

English Loanwords in Written Japanese: Changes and Limits on Expansion in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century



Bailey, David L.

And…Do You Want to Make a Case out of it? or Case and the Conjunction Phrase

Liu, Haiyong

Dou-Doubling in Mandarin Chinese



Baxter, Scott

Affricates Are Weighted Contour Segments

Chou, Chuan-Yun

On the Placement of English Speaker-Orientated Adverbs: An X-bar Structure Analysis

Davison, Gail

Octogenaria in Conversation



Beard, Michael C.

Grammaticalization of Two Negatives in Greek



Diakoumakou, Evanthia

Acoustic Invariance in the English Liquids

Kirchner, James Patrick

Aspects of Czech Vowel Alternation

Petrulis, Dana

Splitting Infl: Possible Maximal Projections in Lithuanian Verbs

Ukleja, Anna Maria

Interference Through Shift: A Study of Contact-Induced Morphosyntactic Features of Polish-English in Hamtramck



Gohre, David Charles

Determiner Phrase and Complex Reflexives



Hamadi, Inaam

Lexical and Syntactic Problems in Arabic-English Legal Translation and Interpretation

Lee, Yooja Jeon

Three Types of Light Verb Construction in Korean

Vlachou, Maria

/n/ Deletion in English and Other Languages

Zack, Ronald

Reduplication as a Marker of Aspect: Evidence from Tagalog and Hiligaynon



Pobutsky, Stephen Joseph

Grammatical Relations and the Binding of Verb Arguments in Russian

Roewer, Steven

An Analysis of Lest-Clauses in Four Literary Texts



Santiz, Jose Luis

On Embedded Headless Relatives in Spanish



Mu, Zhijun

Control in Chinese: An Analysis in Lexical-Functional Grammar



Siblani, Mona

Variation in the Arabic-Speaking Community of Beirut: Differences Among the Muslims, the Christians, and the Druzes

Webb, Laura

The Development of Coordinated Structures in Early Development



Rice, Brenda Carol

The American Language Tradition

Sanders, Benjamin P.

Spanish Word Structure

Sulaiti, Latifa M. Al   

Rules for Deriving Broken Plurals from Singular Nouns: A Comparative Study of the Qatari Arabic and Classical Arabic



Gordon, Irene Rizkallah

Problems of Structure, Concept, Culture, and Style in Translation


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