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BA in German


B.A. Major in German


Candidates for the B.A. must satisfy the requirements for admission to Wayne State University and complete 120 credits in course work, including the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Group Requirements and the University General Education Requirements. 

Note that only a maximum of 46 credits in the Major (including GER 1010, 1020, and 2010) may count toward the 120 credit requirement for the Bachelor of Arts degree.


The German Major consists of 31 credit hours.

Students majoring in German must take the following courses:

• GER 2020: Intermediate German II (4 cr.)

• GER 2310: Short Fiction from Central Europe and Russia (3 cr.)

• GER 2710: Survey of German Culture I (3 cr.)

• GER 2720: Survey of German Culture II (3 cr.)

• GER 3100: Intermediate Composition and Conversation I (3 cr.)

• GER 3200: Intermediate Composition and Conversation II (3 cr.)

• GER 4600: Proseminar: Modern German Literature (3 cr.)

• GER 5100: Advanced Grammar, Composition & Conversation (3 cr.)

• GER 5993: Writing Intensive (0 cr.)

• two courses in German literature or culture at the 5000 level or above


To declare a Major or Minor contact:

Tiana Tocco

Undergraduate Advisor for BA Major/Minor in German 

477 Manoogian Hall

E-mail tiana.tocco@wayne.edu

How to make an appointment: visit wams.wayne.edu


Suggested Minor Options

German Majors should consider minoring in one of the disciplines below:

Business (especially Global Supply Chain Management)



Political Science (International Relations)

Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
906 West Warren 487 Manoogian
Detroit, MI 48202
Phone: (313) 577-3002
Fax: (313) 577-6243
Website: clasweb.clas.wayne.edu/languages
Email: aa1690@wayne.edu