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Asian Studies

Asian Studies Program

China, with its fast economic growth, the world’s largest population, and its rich culture and tradition, plays an important role in today’s world.  Students with a background in Chinese can pursue careers in the foreign service, government and other organizations, serve as a consultant or analyst in corporations doing business with China, or teach English in China.

Japan, with its unique cultural tradition and modern economic prowess, has marveled the world throughout modern times. While traditional arts such as tea ceremony, gardening, and architecture have made a strong impact on Western and other cultures, new trends in film, in particular, anime, and the culinary arts have attracted many followers in recent years. In the economic and industrial fields, continues to lead the world in automobile, consumer electronics, and many other areas.

To prepare students for the increasing demand for professionals with training in Chinese and Japanese, we offer a BA in Asian Studies as well as a minor.

Degree Requirements and Options

Students may take one of two options:

  • a concentration in either Chinese or Japanese
  • joint study of both languages

Concentration in Chinese or Japanese 

  •    8 credits of first year proficiency in the language (or demonstration of first year proficiency)
  •  17 additional credits in the language
  •  16 credits in elective courses

 Joint Concentration in Chinese or Japanese

  •   8 credits of first year proficiency in both languages (or demonstration of first year proficiency)
  • 12 additional credits in one language
  •   8 additional credits in another language
  •   9 credits in elective courses

Asian Studies Electives

     ANT          ANT 3600/6290: Special Topics: Asian Families

                     ANT 3600/6290: Special Topics: Japanese Culture and Society

     BA            B A  4590/7590: U.S. - Japan Relations: The Business Perspective   

     HIS           HIS 1710/ASN 1710: History of Modern East Asia                                                         

                     HIS 3825/5825 / ASN 3825/5825: History of Modern China

                     HIS 3855/5855/ASN 3855/5855: History of Pre-Modern Japan

                     HIS 3865/5865 / ASN 3865/5865: History of Modern Japan

                     HIS 3875/5875 / ASN 3875/5875: Women in Japanese History

     ISP           ISP 4700: China Study Trip [also under ISP 5500/7500: Selected Topics: Interdisciplinary Studies Program]

     CMLLC      CHI 1005: Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture

                     CHI 1006: Chinese Learning Community

                     CHI 2050: Gateway to Chinese Civilization

                     CHI 3010: Contemporary Chinese Pop Culture

                     CHI 3022: Introduction to Chinese Literature

                     CHI 3990: Language and Cultural Experience in China

                     CHI 4010: Business Chinese

                     JPN 2710 Japanese Culture

                     JPN/ASN 2800 Culture Studies in Japan

                     JPN 3540: Intensive Japanese (offered at JCMU in Japan)

                     JPN 4030: Modernity in Japanese Literature

                     CHI/JPN 5220 LIN 5100: Languages of Asia

                     CHI/LED 5300: Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

      POL          PS 3770: Politics of East Asia

      PHI          PHI 2150: Chinese Philosophy

Minor in Asian Studies

Two options exist for a minor in Asian Studies. Students can concentrate on either Chinese or Japanese:

  • Completion of first-year Chinese or Japanese (1010,1020)
  • 8 additional credits in Chinese or Japanese language (2010, 2020)
  • A minimum of 6 credits in elective courses on Asia

 Student Advisor

Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
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Detroit, MI 48202
Phone: (313) 577-3002
Fax: (313) 577-6243
Website: clasweb.clas.wayne.edu/languages
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