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Jean Andruski PhD
Jean Andruski PhD, Associate Professor
202.1 RACK
Research Area
Speech Perception and Acoustics
(313) 577-0226
(313) 577-8885


  • University of Calgary, Calgary AB, Canada, 1977 (BA)
  • University of Alberta, Edmonton AB, Canada, 1990 (MSc)
  • Brown University, Providence RI, 1995 (PhD)

Professional Positions

  • 1997-1998 Eloquent Technology, Ithaca NY (Research Linguist)
  • 1995-1997 University of Washington, Seattle WA (Postdoctoral Researcher)

Faculty Appointments

  • 2008-present Interim Chair, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Wayne State University
  • 1999-2008 Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Wayne State University
  • 1999-present Assistant Professor, Linguistics Program, Wayne State University
  • 1998  Visiting Professor, University of Washington, Seattle WA

Awards and Honors

  • 2006 College of Liberal Arts and Science Excellence in Teaching Award
  • 2002 Wayne State University College of Science Excellence in Teaching Award
  • 2001 Honorary Membership in the Wayne State Speech, Language and Hearing Association
  • 2001  NSF Small Grant for SPHS Workshop for Instructors. 
  • 2000 SLP Class of 2000 named “Instructor Most Passionate About Her Subject Area”
  • 2000 WSU Women’s History Month “Special Appreciation” recipient


Areas of Interest
  • Acoustic differences between speech registers including clear speech, conversational speech and infant-directed speech
  • The value of speech register-related acoustic changes to listeners
  • Phonological and co-articulatory processes in different speech registers
  • Cross-language acoustic cues and speech register-related changes
  • The effect of sub-phonemic and dialectal differences on lexical access
  • Using acoustic analysis to evaluate and document disordered speech
  • Acoustic analysis of pitch and voice quality cues
Selected Publications
  1. Andruski, J.E. (2005). “Tone clarity in mixed pitch / phonation-type tones”. Journal of Phonetics.
  2. Andruski J.E., Blumstein S., Burton M. (1994).  “The effect of subphonetic differences on lexical access” Cognition, 52(3): 163-187.
  3. Andruski J.E., Kuhl P.K. (1996).  “The acoustic structure of vowels in mothers' speech to infants and adults” Proceedings, ICSLP ’96.  Alfred I. duPont Institute: Wilmington, DE. 3:  1545-8.
  4. Andruski J.E., Kuhl P.K., Hayashi, A. (1999).  “The acoustics of vowels in Japanese women’s speech to infants and adults” ICPhS ’99, Proceedings of the 14th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences.  1-7 August, 1999, San Francisco, California, Regents of the University of California, 3: 2177-2181.
  5. Andruski J.E., Nearey T.M. (1992).  “On the sufficiency of compound target specification of isolated vowels and vowels in /bVb/ syllables” Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 91: 390-410.
  6. Andruski J.E., Ratliff M. (2000).  “Phonation types in production of phonological tone: the case of Green Mong”.  Journal of the International Phonetic Association, 30: 39-62.
  7. Andruski, J.E., Costello, J. (2005).  “Using polynomial equations to model pitch contour shape in lexical tone”.  Journal of the International Phonetic Association, 34: 125-140.
  8. Casielles, E., J. Andruski, S. Kim, G. Nathan and R Work (2006). “Syntactic and discourse features of subjects in child Spanish: Evidence from Spanish/English bilingual acquisition.” BUCLD 30: Proceedings of the 30th annual Boston University Conference on Language Development edited by David Bamman, Tatiana Magnitskaia, and Colleen Zaller. Somerville, MA.: Cascadilla Press.
  9. Kim, S., J. Andruski, E. Casielles, G. Nathan and R. Work. (2006) "Acquisition of Prosody in a Spanish-English Bilingual Child", ISCA International Conference on Speech Prosody. May 2-5, Dresden, Germany.
  10. Kuhl, P.K., Andruski J.E., Chistovich L., Chistovich I., Kozhevnikova E., Sundberg U., Lacerda F. (1997).  “Cross language analysis of phonetic units in language addressed to infants” Science, 277:  684-686.

MA and PhD Research Projects Directed

  • Baubie, Tamara.  PhD Dissertation (ongoing).  Effects of prosody manipulation on intelligibility of ataxic speech.
  • Costello, James. MA Thesis (2003). Modeling pitch contours with polynomial equations for tone discrimination in Green Mong.
  • Garza-Prizby, Emmylou. PhD Dissertation (ongoing).  The effect of dialect on word activation in young school-age children.
    Erickson, Melissa. MA Thesis (2004) Trained and untrained subjects’ perception of foreign sounds.
  • Giovannini, Kendall. PhD Dissertation (ongoing).  The effect of clear and unclear speech on lexical access in typically-developed and language-disordered teenagers. 
  • Katz-Gershon, Shiri. PhD Dissertation (2007). Word extraction in Adult-directed and Infant-directed speech in African American English learning infants.
  • Klopfenstein, Marie. MA Thesis (2006). Phonetic implementation of phonological categories: the case of contextual and contrastive vowel nasalization in Ottawa.
  • Meyers, Aaron. MA Thesis (2008). The Value of F0, F3 and F4 in identifying disguised voices.
  • Meloche, Erinn MA Thesis (2008).  The Border line in the spread of sound change. 
  • Sawyer, Ann. BA Essay (2006). An examination of vowel production in a monolingual, English-learning child.
  • Willson, Nikolas. MA Thesis (2007). Rhythm as a harmonic structure in speech.
  • Yu, Ya-Ju (Vickie) PhD Dissertation (2008).  A Cross-Language Study in Perception of Lexical Stress in English. 
  • Zmick, Amber. MA Thesis  (2006). Acoustic and perceptual effects of vocal warm-up.
Communication Sciences & Disorders
207 Rackham Bldg 60 Farnsworth Street
Detroit, MI 48202
Phone: (313) 577-3339
Fax: (313) 577-8885
Website: clasweb.clas.wayne.edu/csd
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