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MA-JD Joint Program


Students who have successfully completed their first year at the Wayne State Law School may apply to the Department of History for admission to the J.D./M.A. program, which leads to a simultaneous receipt of a J.D. from the Law School and an M.A. from the Department of History.  An undergraduate major in history is not a prerequisite.  The Department, however, may refuse admission to or require special non-credit preparation from students with insufficient preparation.  Interested students should confer with the coordinators of the J.D./M.A. program (Prof. Sandra F. VanBurkleo in History; Michelle Miller in Law).

Core Requirements

LEX 8386/HIS 8050 Seminar in U.S. Legal and Constitutional History  3 credits

LEX 7020/HIS 7280
LEX 7123/HIS 7160
LEX 7124/HIS 7170

American Legal History

American Constitutional History to 1857

American Constitutional History after 1857

4 credits
HIS 7830 Methods and Research in History 3 credits
HIS 7999 Master’s Essay Direction (Plan B required) 3 credits
HIS 8005
HIS 8310
Seminar in American Historiography

Seminar in World History

3 credits

   Total Hours in Core:


 History and Law Electives

A total of 19 credit hours of electives must be taken.   No more than eight of these credit hours may be in law courses.  Such courses must include heavy concentrations of historically grounded or history-related material (e.g., Jurisprudence or English Constitutional History).   The remainder of electives shall be in history.  Because the Law School may credit some of the non-law credit hours toward the J.D. degree, a student may be able to complete his or her combined J.D./M.A. program, including the required essay, in one semester beyond the time usually required to complete the J.D. alone.

For further information on the program, contact the faculty advisor, Prof. Sandra VanBurkleo, or the Director of Graduate Studies in History, Prof. Elizabeth Faue.  In Law, contact Michelle Miller in the Dean of Students Office.  

3094 FAB 656 W. Kirby
Detroit, MI 48202
Phone: (313) 577-2525
Fax: (313) 577-6987
Website: clasweb.clas.wayne.edu/history
Email: ab3697@wayne.edu