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Ellen L. Barton
Ellen L. Barton, Chair
9406.4/10505, 5057 Woodward
Research Area
Discourse Analysis
(313) 577-7692
(313) 577-8618


Chair, Department of English (2010-present)


PhD, Linguistics, Northwestern University, 1985

Research Interests

medical communication, medical rhetoric, discourse analysis, end-of-life, clinical trials, cancer, obesity, health disparities

Awards and Grants  (2010-present)

2011-12      WSU Graduate Research Assistant Award
2010  WSU Distinguished Graduate Faculty Award 
2009-2014 Co-Investigator, Interventionist Procedures for Adherence to Weight Loss Recommendations in Black Adolescents, Wayne State University, 2009-2014 (NIH/NHLBI U01 HL097889, Sylvia Naar-King, PI).

Selected Publications and Papers  (2010-present)

Under review  Strategies of Persuasion in Offers to Participate in Cancer Clinical Trials I:  Topic Placement and Topic Framing.  (With Susan Eggly, Andrew Winckles, and Terence Albrecht)  Communication & Medicine.
Under review Strategies of Persuasion in Offers to Participate in Cancer Clinical Trials II:  Appeals to Altruism.  (With Susan Eggly, Andrew Winckles, and Terence Albrecht)   Communication & Medicine.
In press Analyzing Ethics-in-Interaction in Medical Encounters.  (With Andrew Winckles)  The Handbook of Language and Health Communication.  Eds. Heidi Hamilton and Wen-ying Sylvia Chou.  New York:  Routledge.
2013 A Disparity of Words:  Racial Differences in Oncologist-Patient Communication about Clinical Trials.  (With Susan Eggly (first author), Andrew Winckles, Louis Penner, and Terence Albrecht)  Health Expectations 16
(epub ahead of print -- doi:10.1111/hex.12108; PubMed 23910630).
2012 Ethics from Praxis.  In Practicing Research in Writing Studies:  Reflections on Ethically Responsible Research.  (With Richard Marback)  Eds. Katrina Powell and Pamela Takayoshi.  Cresskill, NJ:  Hampton Press.  59-79.
2011 Speaking for Another:  Ethics-in-Interaction in Medical Encounters.  In The Handbook of Applied LinguisticsHandbook of Communication in Organisations and Professions.  Eds. Srikant Sarangi and Chris Candlin.  Berlin:  Mouton de Gruyter.  215-234.


5057 Woodward Suite 9408
Detroit, MI 48202
Phone: (313) 577-2450
Fax: (313) 577-8618
Website: clasweb.clas.wayne.edu/english
Email: english@wayne.edu