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Dept. of Communication Sciences and Disorders Long Term Plan

Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at WSU is to provide leadership in and focus on the discipline of human communication sciences and disorders through excellent teaching, rigorous research programs, and service to the university and the community. We aspire, as a growing department in an urban research university, to attain national recognition as a leading program committed to preparing excellent clinicians, researchers, and leaders within the fields of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology.

Context for the Department’s Current Long-Term Plan

At the present time the economy of the State of Michigan and the US as a whole is depressed. As a result, the University’s budget from year to year is unpredictable and funding from research grants and private sources is more difficult to obtain. The department’s next plan therefore focuses on goals that are considered practical, achievable and measurable within the next 3 academic years. We also propose goals for a 5 year period, but these goals may be revised depending on changes that take place in the intervening time period.

March 2014 revision to the plan:

The faculty held a planning meeting in March 2014 to review our accomplishments and update goals in the long term plan. Since the current department chair will step down in August, 2014, the faculty agreed that development of a new plan and wide-scale revision of the current goals should be left until the new chair takes over. The Dean of the College agreed that it was acceptable to delay development of a new long-term plan until the new chair is in place.

As a result, the March 2014 updates to the long-term plan relate only to goals that do not affect the overall direction of the department and that can be accomplished within a relatively short timeframe. Also included are updates for goals which have been achieved and goals which faculty agreed to alter in the time period between the plan’s creation and March 2014.

Click here for our Long Term Plan

Communication Sciences & Disorders
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Detroit, MI 48202
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