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Behavioral Speech & Genetics Lab - Dr Shelly Jo Kraft


Behavioral Speech & Genetics Lab

Directed by Dr. Shelly Jo Kraft



The Behavioral Speech and Genetics Lab research suite is located in the basement of Rackham Memorial Building, room 049. It was designed for both behavioral research in the areas of Stuttering and Autism and genetic research across all speech and hearing disorders.

To date, the lab is set up to facilitate:

DNA extraction

Computational Genetic Analysis

Delayed Auditory Feedback/ Altered Auditory Feedback

Acoustic Analysis

Behavioral Studies

Speech/Language Analysis

Temperament/Severity Studies in communication disorders


Currently, the wet lab is equipped for DNA extraction and houses state of the art technology for molecular work.  Computational genetic work is completed at three newly designed workstations.


Behavioral Research

There are three rooms in the Behavioral Speech portion of the lab dedicated to subject/parent interviews, testing, observation, and speech/language capture. 

The conference area of the Behavioral Speech Lab is a multipurpose area specifically designed to transition from an observational open space for behavioral-play and speech/language observation to a large meeting space with tables and chairs. This space is ideal for of children with Autism or who stutter to interact with their families in parent-child interaction/behavioral studies, and clinician-child Interaction/behavioral studies. 


Interviews with research participants and, in some cases, parents of young participants are conducted in the office suite of the Behavioral Speech Lab. Standardized testing, questionnaires, and case history reports are administered and generated in this space. An open room, with windows, a large L-shaped desk, and comfortable chairs encourage research participants to feel comfortable and relaxed.



A sound suite designed for speech and language acoustic capture has a brand new Gordman Stowe 11’x9’ Sound-Proof Booth, with a one-way window, and sound ports connecting to a tripod mounted video camera, and table and shirt microphones.  Outside of the booth, a workstation in the acoustic suite houses a media tower for visual and acoustic media capture and analysis.



The Behavioral Speech and Genetics Lab is connected to the CSD teaching lab. This is a fantastic space designed for clinical teaching, and technology and equiptment training for students.   


If you are interested in participating in research or have any questions, please contact:

Shelly Jo Kraft, PhD
Assistant Professor
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Wayne State University
Office: 313.577.7587
Email: kraft@wayne.edu

Communication Sciences & Disorders
207 Rackham Bldg 60 Farnsworth Street
Detroit, MI 48202
Phone: (313) 577-3339
Fax: (313) 577-8885
Website: clasweb.clas.wayne.edu/csd
Email: csd@wayne.edu