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ENG 3800 - Introduction to Creative Writing 

Donovan Hohn 

This course will introduce students to the craft of writing in three genres; in this case poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction with an emphasis on poetry and fiction. (We won’t be studying drama on its own, but the practice you gain writing dialogue, scenes, plots, characters, and voices in this course will be of use to aspiring playwrights.) Instead of taking on these three genres in sequential order, we’ll study them simultaneously, organizing our efforts around the various sources and forms from which poems, stories, and essays can be made. We might look, for instance, at examples of the dramatic monologue in fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, and then attempt dramatic monologues of our own in any one of the three genres.

             Guided by Faulkner’s remark that “a writer needs three things: experience, observation, and imagination (any two of which, at times any one of which) can supply the lack of the others”, we will seek out material wherever we can find it: in libraries and museums, wetlands and waste lands, on the bus and on the street, in memories and dreams. We will read, respond to, and otherwise learn from an aesthetically eclectic selection of stories, essays, and poems, most but not all of them published in the last several decades. Using the workshop method, we will practice responding to one another's efforts with editorial rigor, precision, and sympathy. By the end of the semester each student in the course will have written and revised between 20 and 30 pages of original work.

Creative Writing
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