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About Math Corps

The WSU Math Corps, founded in 1991, is a combined academic and mentoring program for Detroit public school students in grades 6-12. It features a Summer Camp, year-round Saturday programs and enrichment courses for elementary school children. Over the years, the Math Corps has posted dramatic results.

  • Test scores in the Math Corps’ six-week Summer Camp typically rise from pre-camp averages of 25% to post-camp averages of 90%.
  • In post-camp evaluations, typically 98% of the students give the program A’s or B’s (with 80% giving A’s). Parent ratings are even higher.
  • Since 1995, best estimates place the high school graduation rate for Math Corps students at about 90%, with about 90% of those students going on to college (80%) or the military (10%).
  • Over the last five years, Detroit high school students who had participated in the Math Corps for at least three summers, achieved a 21 median score on the ACT math exam – far above Detroit’s overall average and on par with statewide and national scores.

Based on the results above, Math Corps has garnered widespread acclaim and received national recognition. The program’s success is the subject of the Emmy-winning documentary, It All Adds Up, by Academy Award winning filmmaker Sue Marx. It has been heralded in numerous newspaper articles and has been featured on CNN.

For additional information, visit the Math Corps website http://www.mathcorps.org, call (313) 577-2609 or email mathcorps@wayne.edu.

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