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Writing Resources

Do You Need Help with Grammar or Writing?

The Undergraduate Program Committee of the Department of Sociology recommends the following resources for undergraduate and graduate students who need assistance with grammar and/or writing. The books and weblinks included here should not take the place of a visit to the university’s Writing Center, but, instead, should serve as supplementary resources in students’ pursuit of excellence in their writing skills. Students who have questions about this list of resources may contact Khari Brown, Director of Graduate Studies in Sociology, at 313-577-3273 or kharib@wayne.edu.

2310 Undergraduate Library
Services: One-on-one tutoring appointments, workshops, and presentations



Anson, C., Schwegler, R., and Muth, M. (2007). The Longman Writer’s Companion, 4th Edition. New York, New York: Pearson-Longman.
Description: A comprehensive reference to writing, research, documentation, and grammar
Straus, J. (2006). The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation, 9th Edition. Mill Valley, California: Jane Straus.
Description: An easy-to-read grammar workbook
Silverman, J., Hughes, E., and Wienbroer, D. R. (2008). Rules of Thumb: A Guide for Writers, 7th Edition. Boston, Massachusetts: McGraw-Hill.
Description: A brief guide to grammar, writing styles, and research papers


 Internet Resources

The Michigan State Writing Center

The Purdue Online Writing Lab

Saginaw Valley State University Writing Center

University of Wisconsin – Madison Writer’s Handbook

Capital Community College Foundation’s Guide to Grammar and Writing


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