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Poster Preparation Guidelines

Poster Preparation Guidelines

Poster TipsIt is important to plan your poster first.  What's your message?  How will you display that message?  A column format is easier to read in a crowd.  You want to guide the reader (left to right) through your poster with use of key points in intelligent headings, with a balance of text and graphics for visual appeal.  State your main points and conclusions clearly.  Use an active voice and use phrases rather than full sentences.  A serif font is good for text (at least 24pt) and sans serif font (36pt) for titles and headings.   Your graphics should communicate relationships quickly and be simple and clean.   Remember, everything on your poster should relate to your message.     

TemplatesBelow are a few common templates for your use.  Also, the WSU School of Medicine has several additional templates available.  In addition, step-by-step instructions for creating posters in Powerpoint, prepared by Mary Simmons, MAT, School of Medicine are below.  Click on the image for an expanded view. 

PrintingThe School of Medicine offers quality printing services at an economical price.  The cost is $2/per sq foot -- therefore a 3'x4' poster is $24. The SOM is located at 540 E. Canfield, Room 1367 in Scott Hall.  Print time is generally 48 hours, but it is recommended that you allow one week, especially during peak times.  You may email a pdf of your completed poster (if less than 20MB) to medcom@med.wayne.edu, indicating the desired size and your payment method.  The Foreign Language Technology Center at 385 Manoogian Hall also has printing services, but their equipment is limited.  A 3'x4' poster is $10 with the FLTC but the print quality is poor (white lines throughout page).

Tips on Use of Photos/GraphicsDo not copy and paste images from other programs!  Use "Insert Picture" function from the menu.  Use a Tiff or JPEG at 300dpi (no less than 150dpi)  at 3"x4" or close to the size you will use it.  A 72dpi photo at 3"x4" will be too small, blurry and lack detail -- it will not work!. 

LogosSociology Logos shown at the far right below are available for your use. Please do not change the colors as they are currently in Wayne State approved colors. The PNG file format has  transparent background and the JPG formats have a white background. 


Below are common PowerPoint Templates with Sociology Logos and WSU colors incorporated:


               48x36_Marble                       48x36_WSU-green                     36x18_Poster_WSU                         hexagon_48x36                            oval_48x36

 Click here to view and download more poster templates from SOM.



Note:  PNG files have a transparent background.  JPG files have a white background.  





Standard PNG
Standard JPG


Yellow PNG   

 Yellow JPG









Green PNG

Green JPG






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