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Part-time Faculty Openings


The Department of Sociology in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences occasionally seeks applications for part-time faculty to teach sociology courses.  Candidates must have previous teaching experience and at least a Master's degree in Sociology.  Part-time faculty will meet classes, hold office hours, assist students, and complete grading requirements in accordance with department and university policies.  Applicants should submit a letter of interest, a curriculum vita, and any evidence of teaching effectiveness to Dr. Janet Hankin, Chair, Department of Sociology.  


Part Time Faculty Pools for the Department of Sociology

Course Code Course Name
SOC 2000 Understanding Human Society
SOC 2020 Social Problems
SOC 2100 Topics in Sociology
SOC 2600 Race and Racism in America
SOC 3300 Social Inequality
SOC 3400 Exploring Marriage and Other Intimate Relationships
SOC 3510 The Nature and Impact of Population on Society
SOC 3860 Race, Class and the Criminal Justice System
SOC 4050 Basic Sociological Theory
SOC 4100 Social Psychology
SOC 4220 Computing Applications for the Social Sciences
SOC 4460 Women in Society
SOC 4800 Outsiders and Deviants
SOC 5400 The Family
SOC 5410 Marriage and Family Problems
SOC 5570 Race Relations in Urban Society
SOC 5810 Law in Human Society
SOC 5870 Violence in the Family
SOC 6290 Advanced Social Statistics
SOC 7460 Seminar in the Sociology of African American Families

Updated:  9/29/14

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Email: ad4388@wayne.edu