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Graduate Students on the Job Market

Jennifer Haskin

Dissertation Title: “Third Shift Beauty Work & Career-Oriented Mothers of Young Children”

Research Expertise: Sex & Gender, Race & Ethnicity, Intersectionality, Body/Embodiment, Paid Work/Labor Studies, Family, Work-Family Conflicts, Research Methods, Qualitative Methods


David Peters

Dissertation Title: “Interviews of Medical Marijuana Patients and Caregivers: Reduced Opiate Use, Legal Concerns, Dispensary Structures before McQueen, and Strains”

Research Expertise: Medical Sociology, Law and Society, Health Care Law, Social Control, Criminal Justice, Criminological Theories, Social Deviancy, Social Neuroscience


Amy Peterson

Dissertation Title: "Social Support, Parent-Child Communication and Reactions to Pediatric Cancer Medical Procedures"

Research Expertise: Medical Sociology, Cancer, Family, Health Behavior, Doctor-Patient Communication, Social Influence, Stress, Social Support


Paula Thompson Ross

Dissertation Title: "Risking Reproduction: Reproductive Health among Women with Sickle Cell Disease"

Research Expertise: Race/Class/Gender/Sexuality, Women on Color, Women’s Health, Reproductive Health, Sickle Cell Disease, Disability, Feminist Theory, Critical Race Theory, Qualitative Methods


Victoria Velding

Dissertation Title:  "Growing up Tween: Femininity, Masculinity, and Coming of Age"

Research Expertise:  Social Inequality, Gender, Femininity and Masculinity, Media Influence and Consumption, Female Reproductive Health, Sexuality, Children and Adolescents, Popular Culture, Qualitative Methods

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