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For students without significant, sector-related work experience, an internship is a crucial means to get the experience needed to succeed in the public service professions. Our students do an excellent job of securing prestigious and challenging internships across the Detroit metropolitan area and beyond.  Guidelines for the internship are available in the MPA Student Handbook.

Because of the diversity of our student interests, there is no single clearinghouse for internships. However, many internships will be publicized via the MPA student email list, and the faculty have a wealth of connections to the community that may lead to an internship in a student's area of interest.

For the academic year 2013 - 2014, four students have taken for-credit internships through our program: Two were in the nonprofit sector while two were in local government. Generally speaking, there are a range of internships available for students across all areas of interest.

The best first step to securing an internship is to discuss it with the MPA director after reading the internship section of the MPA Student Handbook. Contact the director at mpa@wayne.edu.


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