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College of Liberal Art & Sciences » Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures » Faculty
Haiyong Liu
Haiyong Liu, Associate Professor
471 Manoogian
Research Area
Chinese Syntax, 1st and 2nd-Language Acquisition
(313) 577-9937
(313) 577-6243

Dr. Haiyong Liu (刘海咏) is associate professor of Chinese linguistics and coordinator and adviser of Chinese of Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (CMLLC).


Ph.D. in Linguistics, UCLA, 2004

M.A. in Linguistics, Wayne State University, 1998

B.A. in English Literature and Linguistics, Peking University, 1996

Teaching experiences:

Lecturer of Chinese, The University of Virginia, 2003 - 2004

Assistant Professor, Wayne State University, 2004 - 2011

Associate Professor, Wayne State University, 2011 – present

Research interests:

Chinese syntax, first- and second-language acquisition of Chinese, Chinese pedagogy

Recent publications: 

Book and Book Chapters:

2008 “Bu-Yu”, the Complex-Predicate Structures in Mandarin. Munich: Lincom Europa, Chinese Linguistics Series 4

2013 Nonverbal Communication: implications in the Chinese L2 classroom. In Studies and Global Perspectives of Second Language Teaching and Learning. J. W. Schwieter (Ed.) 27-45. Information Age Publishing

2014 The Second Language Acquisition of Chinese Bare Nouns by English Speakers. In Advances in Chinese as a Second Language: Acquisition and Processing. N. Jiang (Ed.) 142-157. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Journal Articles:


·         (In Press) The Ba + Gei Structure and Word Order Change in Mandarin Chinese. Journal of University Language

·         (In Press) 非言语信递在对外汉语课堂中的应用 (The Applications of Non-verbal Communication in a Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language Classroom). <<汉语教学学刊>> (Journal of Chinese Language Studies)

·         转换生成语法框架下的汉语正反问句的生成 (The Derivation of Mandarin A-not-A Questions in the Framework of Generative Grammar). <<语言学研究>> (Linguistic Research) 15: 42-59


·         (With Sangeetha Gopakrishnan, Sandra Hobbs, and Pierluigi Erbaggio) Enhancing Student Engagement through Online Authentic Materials. The IALLT Journal for Language Learning Technologies



·         Expletive Negation in Mandarin Cha-Dian-Mei 'miss-not-bit' + V Structure. Journal of Chinese Linguistics 39:1 123-148


·         (with 程邦雄 (Bangxiong Cheng) 危艳丽 (Yanli Wei)) 现代汉语模糊小量的语用文化特征 (The Pragmatic and Cultural Property of Chinese Fuzzy Small Quantity). <<语言研究>> (Studies in Language and Linguistics) 30.3: 90-92

·         (with 刘杰 (Jie Billinger) 王彦渝 (Yanyu Ward)) 如何公平、有效地评改中文测试 (How to Effectively and Objectively Measure Learning Outcome via Chinese Assessment). <<国际汉语教学新视野>> (Chinese Your Way) http://confucius.msu.edu/publications/Feb2010.pdf


·         The Acquisition of Mandarin Aspects and Modals: Evidence from the acquisition of negation. Language and Linguistics 10.1: 133-160

·         Learning to Compose: characteristics of advanced Chinese heritage writers. Hong Kong Journal of Applied Linguistics 12(1): 63-80

·         高年级汉语继承语学生的写作特点及其教学 (Characteristics and Pedagogy of Higher-level Chinese Writing as a Heritage Language). <<海外华文教育>> (Overseas Chinese Education), vol. 51: 40-45


·         Teaching Advanced Chinese Writing to Heritage Learners. ITL International Journal of Applied Linguistics 156: 169-178

·         自制网上汉语教学影像材料 (DIV Visual Materials for Online Chinese Teaching).  <<国际汉语教学动态与研究>> (International Chinese Language Teaching and Learning) 4: 56-68

·         (with Hong Yu (于红)) 以学生为主体创设语境 - 对外汉语教学课堂教学研究 (Designing Context in which Students Play the Leading Role - a study on classroom teaching in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language) <<徐州师范大学学报(哲学社会科学版)>> (Academic Journal of Xuzhou Normal University (Volume of Philosophy and Social Sciences ))34.4: 136-139

·         A Case Study of the Acquisition of Mandarin Classifiers. Language Research 44.2: 345–360


·         The Perception of Chinese Null Subjects by English Speakers. Journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association 42.2: 23-40

Conference Proceedings:


Constraints on Distributivity in Chinese Inalienable Construction. Proceedings of the 25th North America Council of Chinese Linguistics (NACCL) Annual Conference. The University of Michigan


What is A in Mandarin A-not-A Questions? Proceedings of the 22nd NACCL Annual Conference. Harvard University


The Initial Stage and Parameter Resetting in Second Language Acquisition of Mandarin Chinese. Proceedings of the 17th NACCL Annual Conference. Defense Language Institute, California


The P(radicate)1-de-P2 Structures in Mandarin Chinese. Proceedings of the 15th NACCL Annual Conference. Michigan State University


The Co-Occurrences of Dou with DPs and Yiwencis in Mandarin Chinese. Proceedings of the 14th NACCL Annual Conference. The University of Arizona

Courses taught:

Chinese language and culture courses at all levels

CHI 5210 / LIN 5220

Introduction to Chinese Linguistics

CHI/JPN 5220 / LIN 5100

Languages of Asia

CHI 5230 / LIN 5240

Grammar of Chinese

CHI / LED 5300

Teaching Chinese as a Second Language


·         Faculty Fellowship Competition (2006 – 2007) The Translations before Translation: a Case Study of the English Translation of Lang Tuteng ‘the Wolf Totem’ ( with Mary Garret, The Humanities Center, Wayne State University

·         College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Faculty Teaching Award (2010, Wayne State University)

·         Honorary Professor (2008 – 2011, Central China Science and Technology University, Wuhan)

·         Career Development Chair Award (2012 - 2013, Theoretical Linguistics and the Teaching of Chinese as a Second Language (Office of the President, Wayne State University)

·         President’s Research Enhancement Program, Arts and Humanities (2014-2016) Encoding Counterfactuality in Chinese, Syntactically (Wayne State University

Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
906 West Warren 487 Manoogian
Detroit, MI 48202
Phone: (313) 577-3002
Fax: (313) 577-6243
Website: clasweb.clas.wayne.edu/languages
Email: aa1690@wayne.edu