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MA Programs

MA Programs in Economics

We offer three masters level programs in Economics:

People interested in Economics may also wish to pursue a Master of Arts in Employment and Labor Relations. The MAELR (Master of Arts in Employment and Labor Relations) Program is sponsored jointly by the Departments of Economics, Management, and Psychology. It offers professional preparation for a career in industrial relations with a focus on the structure and process of collective bargaining.vFor more information consult the programs's website

To accommodate people with full-time jobs, the Department schedules many of its Master’s level and some Ph.D. courses in the evening.

Master of Arts (MA) Program

Program Director:  Dr. Allen G. Goodman

The Master’s program, begun in 1934, seeks to prepare students for careers in industry, government, and junior college teaching. The M.A. degree is intended for those who seek a more extensive background in economics, either for employment as applied economists, or for another advanced degree such as a Ph.D. The following fields are available currently within the MA program:

  • Health Economics
  • Labor and Human Resources
  • Industrial Organization
  • International Economics

Many students in the M.A. program are employed and take their courses in the evening, so the Department offers all of its core courses and a substantial number of M.A. elective courses in the evening. The program also attracts some international students, including several students from Germany sponsored by the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD), and the University of Paris II.

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