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MUP Alumni Survey

In the spring of 2012, the Department conducted its first web-based survey of recent alumni.  81 individuals who graduated from 2006 to 2011 were included in this initiative, and the survey received a response rate of 62.5%, providing us with feedback on graduate outcomes and their satisfaction with the program.  More than 90% of graduates responded that they were 'Highly Satisfied,' 'Satisfied,' or 'Neutral' with their education in the MUP program, and 98% of graduates had managed to find some form of post-graduate employment or had elected to pursue further study.

The department intends to conduct this survey once every five years.  As we continue to generate new reports and results from these instruments, this page will be updated to display those documents.

Follow the links below to download a copy of the survey instrument, as well as a brief report summarizing some of the data gathered from this survey.  If you're interested in variables or outcomes not mentioned in the report, please contact the department office at dusp@wayne.edu for additional information.

2012 MUP Alumni Survey Instrument

2012 MUP Alumni Survey Selected Results Report

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