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Graduate Certificate in Economic Development

We offer a program leading to a graduate certificate in economic development. The certificate program is designed for students who wish to combine a graduate degree (Master's or Ph.D) with a specialty in urban, regional and state economic development. It will be awarded only in conjunction with the completion of a graduate degree or to those who already have such a degree.

The graduate certificate in economic development is administered by the Department of  Urban Studies and Planning in conjunction with the following graduate programs.

  • Applied Sociology
  • Business Administration
  • Economics
  • Industrial Relations
  • Public Administration
  • Urban Planning

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Careers in Economic Development

Economic development is a new and rapidly growing profession. The certificate program provides students with the background they need to pursue economic development positions in state, regional and local governments; non-profit and community organizations; private associations such as chambers of commerce; and private businesses and civic institutions engaged in economic development. Through interdisciplinary course work, the certificate program supplements the education students receive in existing graduate degree programs related to economic development.


Applicants must meet the admission standards of the Graduate School; for requirements, see Admission, Graduate School. Eligibility for this program is limited to persons holding a graduate degree from an accredited educational institution or those actively pursuing a graduate degree at Wayne State University. Applicants must submit a completed application form, personal statement of interest in the program, and Plan of Work.

Certificate Requirements

Students must complete twelve credits in designated courses, including Core Area I, and courses (at least three credits each) from two of the Core Areas II, III, and IV. At least one course at the 7000 level must be elected, and at least one course (in addition to the Area I course) must be elected from outside the student’s graduate program.

Students in the certificate program must maintain a grade point average of at least 3.0. Transfer of credit from other institutions may not be applied toward the credits required for the certificate. If a student is concurrently enrolled in a graduate degree program at the University, no more than nine credits from the certificate program may be applied toward that degree.

Academic Scholarship: All course work must be completed in accordance with the academic procedures of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Graduate School governing graduate scholarship and degrees. For more information, browse Academic Regulations for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Academic Regulations, Graduate, respectively.

CORE AREA I: Theory and Practice of Economic Development

  • U P 6550 -- Regional, State and Urban Economic Development: Policy and Administration (P S 6440) (ECO 6650): Cr. 3

CORE AREA II: Economic Development Policy, Politics and Institutions

Business Administration:

  • MKT 7460 -- International Business: Cr. 3
  • MGT 7750 -- Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining: Cr. 3

Industrial Relations:

  • ELR 7400 -- Labor Relations Law in North America: Cr. 3
  • ELR 7450 -- Employment Relations Law in North America: Cr. 3

Political Science

  • P S 6340 -- Public Sector Labor Relations: Cr. 3
  • P S 7240 -- Urban Public Policy (U P 7650): Cr. 3


  • SOC 5500 -- Urban and Metropolitan Living (U P 5210): Cr. 3

Urban Planning

  • U P 6350 -- Housing Policy and Programs: Cr. 3

CORE AREA III: Economics and Finance of Economic Development

Business Administration

  • FIN 7870 -- International Finance: Cr. 3


  • ECO 6510 - Advanced Public Finance: Cr.4
  • ECO 6800 – Adv. Urban and Regional Economics (U P 5820): Cr. 4

Urban Planning

  • U P 6310 -- Real Estate Development: Cr. 3

CORE AREA IV: Economic Development Management and Analysis Technique

Business Administration

  • ACC 7100 -- Financial Accounting for Managers: Cr. 3
  • B A 7020 -- Corporate Financial Management: Cr. 3
  • MGT 7660 -- Entrepreneurial Management: Cr. 3


  • ECO 7500 -- Public/Urban Economics:1 Cr. 4

Political Science

  • P S 7250 -- Seminar in Urban Administration (U P 7250): Cr. 3
  • P S 7460 -- Program Evaluation: Cr. 3


  • SOC 6580 -- Applied Sociology I: Applied and Clinical Settings: Cr. 4

Urban Planning

  • U P 6650 -- Planning and Development Law: Cr. 3

For further information about this certificate program, contact the graduate advisor of the program in which you are enrolled or wish to enroll. Students who are not in a graduate program in applied sociology, business administration, economics, industrial relations, public administration, or urban planning, or who do not already possess a graduate degree in one of these areas, should contact the Department at DUSP@wayne.edu.

  1. All students are required to take ECO 7500 or an equivalent. ECO 7500 will NOT count toward the certificate for students pursuing a master’s de¬gree in economics or public administration.
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