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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Q: How do I apply to your college?
  A: You must submit a Graduate Application to the Graduate School, indicating on the application the program that you desire admission into. Once you are admitted to Graduate School, the Admissions department will forward your application to the designated department and the department will advise you of your admission status.
2. Q: What types of scholarships are available?
  A: You can view the scholarships available by clicking the "Scholarships" link on the left.
3. Q: Do I have to take the GRE?
  A: The Master of Urban Planning Program does not require the GRE for admission.
4. Q: What types of jobs are available with this degree?
  A: See the Employment Career Paths webpage.
5. Q: What types of degrees does your college offer?

We offer a graduate degree in Urban Planning, a graduate certificate in Economic Development, and an undergraduate degree in Urban Studies. Information on each program can be obtained on these pages:

Masters of Urban Planning
Bachelor of Arts - Urban Studies major
Graduate Certificate in Economic Development

6. Q: Do you offer internships?
  A: Internships are offered through each individual department. Students are encouraged to contact the department for information regarding internships.
7. Q: Can I do a graduate assistantship?
  A: Graduate assistantships are offered when the funding is available, and each department is responsible for issuing the assistantships and providing the funding. Students should contact the department for details.
9. Q: How many credits does this program require for completion?

Each program has a different set of requirements for completion. The total number of credits for each degree can be found by visiting our programs pages:

Masters of Urban Planning
Bachelor of Arts - Urban Studies major
Graduate Certificate in Economic Development

Additionally, the BA in Urban Studies Program participates in the Accelerated Graduate Enrollment Program (AGRADE), which allows undergraduate students who wish to pursue graduate study, to take up to 15 credit hours which count simultaneously toward each course of study. Eligibility depends on GPA in the undergraduate major and number of credit hours completed. For more information on the AGRADE program, click here.

10. Q: Do you have open admission for the entire year, or do you only admit in the Fall and Winter?
  A: The University has open admission for each semester.
11. Q: Where can I find a description of a particular course?
  A: Course Catalogs are available in the Student Resource Center, or click HERE
12. Q: Where can I get a syllabus for a course?
  A: Syllabi are available from the instructor on the first day of classes. Some instructors place their syllabi online prior to the start of classes.
13. Q: How can I find out what my grade is for a particular course?
  A: All grades are posted on each student’s individual account through pipeline. If you have not been given a student account, please contact C&IT at 577-4778.
14. Q: What are a particular professor’s office hours?
  A: Professor’s office hours are affixed on the syllabus and posted on their doors.
15. Q: How do I appeal my grade?
  A: Grade Appeal procedure forms are available in the Academic Services Office.
16. Q: What are my options if I feel that I have been treated unfairly in my class by the professor?
  A: You have the right to file a grievance. Contact the Dean of Students or the Office of Equal Opportunity for more information on your rights and procedures.
17. Q: How long do I have to wait to have my grade changed by a professor if I have submitted a paper late?
. A: This is dependent upon the time set between you and the professor.
18 Q: Why can’t I go to see the Dean if I have been treated unfairly in my class by the professor?
  A: There is a procedure to follow if you feel that you have been treated unfairly. There are steps in the procedure that will include the Dean’s input once prior avenues have been exhausted.
19: Q: What is a One Card, and why do I need one?
  A: The One Card is a student’s passport to many services offered by the university, as well as parking. One Cards can be obtained on the second floor of the Wayne State Welcome Center. For more information about One Cards visit the One Card web site.
20. Q: How long does it take for me to be accepted once I have applied to your college?
  A: The length of admissions is contingent upon the volume of applications being received by Admissions. The length of time can vary, but generally students have a decision within 30 to 45 days.
21. Q: How long does it take for me to get my diploma after graduation?
  A: Anywhere from three to four months.


Urban Studies & Planning
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Phone: (313) 577-2701
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