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Two Impressive Graduate Students
Posted Thu, 6/18/2009
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The latest issue of Cinema Journal, the official publication of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies, has a very nice conference report (Screen Conference, 2008) that gives significant kudos to Selmin Kara and Carole Piechota for their papers:

"Many of the most compelling papers at this event combined the disciplinary maturity one now expects from film studies with adventurous openings onto other fields. One of these papers, Selmin Kara's close reading of the 2006 film, "Iraq in Fragments," deftly discussed that film's use of sound fragments ..."

Carole's Piechota is no less impressive, "The relationship of music to space was central as well, to the presentation by Carole Lyn Piechota, a sharp theorization of the "audio/visual passage" in several contemporary films."

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