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Imagine the Possibilities
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Michigan Chronicle feature story highlights WSU's Math Corps
Posted Fri, 5/4/2012
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A feature story examines Wayne State University’s Math Corps, a combined academic enrichment and mentoring program envisioned by WSU professors Steve Kahn and Leonard Boehm in 1992. Math Corps is an intensive six-week summer program that serves 400 Detroit Public Schools students in grades 6-12. “It’s never been about math. It was always about a greater thing to help the children of Detroit,” said Kahn. “Math Corps has developed a powerful philosophy where the students can thrive in a culture built around kindness and support for each other, and the courage and willingness to do the right thing,” Kahn said. “It’s about intervention, urgency and transforming lives.” Since 1995, estimates have placed the high school graduation rate for Math Corps students at over 90 percent with about 90 percent of those students going to college.

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