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CLAS Faculty and Staff Receive Wayne State Academic Recognition Awards
Posted Mon, 4/29/2013
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Congratulations to the CLAS Faculty members who have received a 2012-2013 Wayne State Academic Recognition Award.

Award 2013
President's Award for Excellence in Teaching Andrew Feig (Chemistry)
  Felecia Lucht (CMLLC)
  David Merolla (Sociology)
  Maha Saker (CMLLC)
Gershenson Distinguished Faculty Fellowship Award Stephanie Brock (Chemistry)
BoG Distinguished Faculty Fellowship Award  Martha Ratliff (English)
  Michael Scrivener (English)
Board of Governors Faculty Recognition Awards Mark Baskaran (Geology)
  Brad Roth (Political Science)
  Kidada Williams (History)
Academic Staff Awards  
Career Development Chair Awards Athar Ansari (Biological Sciences)
  Sarika Chandra (English)
  Elizabeth Lublin (History)
  Elena Past (CMLLC)
Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award Annmarie Cano (Psychology)
  Bruce Russell (Philosophy)
  Arthur Suits (Chemistry) 
Heberlein Endowed Award for Excellence in Teaching Benjamin Biermeier-Hanson (Psychology)
  Beth Fowler (History) 
Distinguished Graduate Faculty Ratna Naik (Physics & Astronomy)


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